Programs Funded


Entrepreneurial Ventures

At Jordan Lake School of the Arts & Creative Center we believe in entrepreneurship and guiding and encouraging students to consider their passion and find a way to have a business venture that is an extension of that which brings them joy.  JLSA students are creating their own apothecary line, Heron Cove Naturals ® , and grow and dry herbs, create specific balances in ingredients to form products, and are responsible for marketing, budgeting and production. This is one of several seed business to be created and developed by students as a tool for experiential learning, but also as a means of creating job training and viable living wage opportunities for students and alumni. Daydream Believer® is a signature lily under hybridization by students at Jordan Lake School of the Arts.


Inclusive Educational Arts Workshop

The purpose of our Inclusive Educational Arts Workshop is to build and sustain strong community connections and create artistic opportunities in North Carolina inclusive to those on the autism spectrum. Our grant supports local artists in developing educational arts based workshops that utilize the best teaching practices for those on the autism spectrum and help to create community-based connectivity that expands students’ roles as community participants with the capacity to link students and artists to a range of arts and educational based practices and opportunities.